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Magnolia Tech SupportWhat We're About

Magnolia Tech Support is a licensed business and a member of the Magnolia Chamber of Commerce. MTS proudly serves the many neighborhoods in and around Seattle.

Hugh Turnbaugh, owner of Magnolia Tech Support, is an A+ Certified technician who has been assisting households and local businesses since 2008. Magnolia Tech Support is the result of Hugh's passion for teaching people about computers and years of repairing friends and family members systems.

As a teenager, Hugh found an interest in electronics and he went on to refine his skills while serving for six years in the US Navy as an Electronics Technician. After the Navy, Hugh went on to receive a BA from the University of Washington Foster Business School with a focus in Information Systems.

Hugh is known for his dedication to great customer service. If it's cheaper for you to replace your set-up rather than repairing it, Hugh will let you know upfront. Sometimes your problem can be fixed for free via email or phone call. Hugh's goal is to get you back up and running at 100% as soon as possible. If you would like to understand what is going on with your system, Hugh is happy to explain too.

"I highly recommend Hugh Turnbaugh. We recently lost the person we have always used for tech support. One night, I couldn't figure out a problem that had come on suddenly, so I called Hugh. He was at the store within a half hour and had the problem fixed soon thereafter. He's skilled, knowledgeable, and conscientious. I'm very happy to have found him and will be calling him for all our technical support issues from now on."

Georgiana (Magnolia's Bookstore)

"Thank you, Hugh, for all of your help in selecting, installing and configuring my new computer system! I'm loving the new computer and monitor, and feel secure knowing that both my work files and my personal files (including family photos!) are transferred to the new system and backing up regularly...a load off my mind. Thanks also for your flexibility with hours and work environment, my 4 year old has been asking 'When is Hugh coming back?'"


"Hugh came to me highly recommended by my business partner in Magnolia. Hugh now assists me with my business and personal computer needs. His knowledge, efficiency, professionalism, friendly manner and great listening skills made it a true pleasure to work with him. Hugh cleaned up 2 computers, added security software, loaded accounting software, changed from Explorer to Firefox, sorted out a long list of miscellaneous problems and sent me on my way with lots of tips. He's in invaluable and trustworthy resource and will be the first I contact with my future computer needs."

Helen (Janof Hald Architechture)

"Our HP laptop had terrible virus and spyware problems. Hugh totally removed all of the bugs without losing any of our valuable data. He did so quickly and at a fair price. We highly recommended his services."

Rick and Jeannine

"Twice now I have used Hugh to fix my laptop. Both times he was quick, honest, fair and totally reasonably priced. Computer issues can be SO stressful. He takes the stress out of it. I can't say enough nice things. I am THRILLED, once again. THANK YOU, Hugh!"


"After talking to Georgiana at the Bookstore I was expecting a lot of help from Hugh, and I got it. My computer was running slow and he cleaned it up and also explained to me what can and can't be done to improve an old computer, in easy to understand terms. He showed up when he said he would and returned my updated computer just when he said he would. I've gotten his advice on what I need in my next computer and will use his help when transferring the data and files."

Margaret (Magnolia Garden Center)

"The project I was up against involved replacing a home PC which for years had been my only computer. During each phase of it - constructing a plan, implementing the plan, securing products and services and going on to deal with malignant emergent complexities which threatened to defeat the plan (inevitable to people who have to function at my computer-skill level), Hugh more than justified my confidence in him. He consulted me at every turn; the decisions I made consistently advanced the goals I had in mind rather than leading me up blind alleys. I would have been at a loss without him. As it was, we completed the transition on time and under budget. I got what I wanted from dealing with him."